From time to time I try to organize my thoughts on words. As non-native speaker it has the advantage of being a fun way to improve my English. I hope all the posts you find here may be helpful the same way they have been to me.

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Styling WebApps with Firefox

If you want to let your webapps more integrated to the system or just want to give them a stylistic touch, this post is for you. Below you can see how I edited the look and feel of my webapps so they look better into the system: The idea is pretty simple: I created several…

4 tips to improve your math writing

After some years working as teaching assistant, professor and researcher I realized that expressing my ideas in the paper is something that requires a lot of practice. Students/mathematicians are used to have a voice at the back of their heads saying out and loud: “I know how to solve it, but I don’t know how…

Mirroring iPad/iPhone screen on Linux

Last updated March 8th 2021 As a professor in this pandemic days the first issue I faced while I was looking for a good setup to give my classes remotely was: how to mirror the screen of my iPad on Linux? Currently, I’m using elementaryOS 5, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04, so this tutorial…

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