Courses STAT 4520/5520 Statistics Teaching

Intro. to Mathematical Statistics – STAT 4520/5520

Examines point and confidence interval estimation. Principles of maximum likelihood, sufficiency, and completeness: tests of simple and composite hypotheses, linear models, and multiple regression analysis if time permits. Analyzes various distribution-free methods. Same as MATH 5520 and STAT 4520 and STAT 5520.

Ongoing course

Time: M-F 01:15 PM – 02:05 PM
Location: Zoom
Office hours: See details here


Homework: 40% – Weekly homework (you must turn them in)
Midterm: 30% – 7/1
Final : 30% – 8/6

Homework sets

All problems refer to our textbook.


Some books that may be useful in this course

Course notes


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