MATH 3510

Syllabus MATH 3510

This is an attempt. Things may change as we go. The numbers represents the section and subsection of the textbook:

Chapter 2: Law of Large Numbers and Simulation

  1. LLN for probabilities
  2. Basic probability concepts -(Sample Spaces with Equally Likely Outcomes)
  3. Expected Value and the LLN

Chapter 4: Rare events and lotteries

  1. Binomial distribution
  2. Poisson distribution

Chapter 5: Probability and Statistics

  1. Normal Curve
  2. Concept of Standard deviation
  3. Square-root law
  4. Central Limit Theorem
  5. Graphical Illustration of CLT
  6. Statistical applications
  7. Confidence intervals for simulations

Chapter 7: Foundations of Probability Theory

  1. Probabilistic Foundations
  2. Compound chance experiments
  3. Basic Rules

Chapter 6: Chances trees and Bayes’ rule

  1. Monty Hall dilemma
  2. Test Paradox

Chapter 8: Conditional Probability and Bayes

  1. Conditional Probability
  2. Law of Conditional Probability

Chapter 9: Basic rules for discrete random variables

  1. Random Variables
  2. Expected value
  3. Expected value of sums
  4. Substitution rule and variance
  5. Independence

Chapter 10: Continuos Random Variables

  1. Concept of density
  2. Expected value

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