Dropbox-indicator for elementary OS Linux

After struggling with the poor service offered by Dropbox on elementary OS (my favorite Linux distribution) I decided to build my own Dropbox indicator. It has features likes search, recent activity, dropbox status. It is built in Vala and it uses the elementary-sdk. The source code is available on Github for free and anyone is welcome to contribute.


  • ✔️ See Dropbox current status
  • 🔎️ Search for files
  • 🗃️ Recent Activity (see most recent files)
  • 🌍️ Shortcut to Dropbox’s website
  • 📂️ Shortcut to your Dropbox folder


  • ⚠️ The Official Dropbox CLI. You can download it here .
  • ⚠️ Your Dropbox setup must be working, that is, you must be signed in with your dropbox account.


sudo dpkg -i com.github.rbribeiro.wingpanel-indicator-dropbox_0.1_amd64.deb

  • ⚙️ Compile from source:

git clone

cd wingpanel-indicator-dropbox

meson build --prefix=/usr

cd build


sudo ninja install


  • 📦️ From package: sudo dpkg -r com.github.rbribeiro.wingpanel-indicator-dropbox
  • ⚙️ From source: On the build directory sudo ninja uninstall

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