Sankhya A

Concentration in the Generalized Chinese Restaurant Process – 2018

with A. Pereira (UFAL) and R. I. Oliveira (IMPA) – Sankhya A


The Generalized Chinese Restaurant Process (GCRP) describes a sequence of exchangeable random partitions of the numbers \{1,\dots,n\}. This process is related to the Ewens sampling model in Genetics and to Bayesian nonparametric methods such as topic models. In this paper, we study the GCRP in a regime where the number of parts grows like n^{\alpha} with α>0. We prove a non-asymptotic concentration result for the number of parts of size k=o(n^{\alpha / (2\alpha+4)}/(\log n)^{1/(2+\alpha)}). In particular, we show that these random variables concentrate around c_kV_{*}n^{\alpha} where V_{*}n^{\alpha} is the asymptotic number of parts and c_k\approx k^{-(1+\alpha)} is a positive value depending on k. We also obtain finite-n bounds for the total number of parts. Our theorems complement asymptotic statements by Pitman and more recent results on large and moderate deviations by Favaro, Feng and Gao


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Sankhya A

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